AngularJS datagrid paging, sorting, filter using PHP and MySQL

This tutorial explains how to create a datagrid similar to ASP.NET gridview with client side paging, searching and sorting functionality using AngularJS, PHP, MySQL. Following are links to the demo and download of the final application.


Live Demo Download

I have used angular-ui directive for the user interface of paging and some basic functionality.

While working with angularjs I found out the biggest issue using angular is it makes the Browser DOM slow while displaying huge amount of data. Hence it becomes necessary to load data partially through paging or infinite scrolling.

When we implement paging the data is divided into number of small pages. Hence the browser has to load less amount of data at one stretch. Which in turn increases the data loading speed.

Database setup:

Download the source code and import customers.sql to your MySQL database.

I’ve structured the entire application into 5 different folders


This contains all the information about customers which we intend to display in our grid.


– Contains database configuration settings


– Contains php files which needs server side communication

  • Connect to MySQL database
  • Retrieve all the customers and convert into JSON format


– AngularJs application codes

  • Get all the customers returned by the ajax/getCustomers.php and store it in our applications scope
  • Implement paging, sorting and filter functionalities


– Adds bootstrap styles to our application


– Contains supporting javascript library files [angular.min.js, ui-bootstrap-tpls-0.10.0.min.js]


The index.html file which contains the datagrid

I hope the above tutorial will get you started handling large MySQL data tables using AngularJS and PHP. If you have any improvement ideas or suggestions please add comments bellow.

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Written By:
  • Stephen Norris

    I can’t seem to get the download for this to work. Is there another link to download your source code. This is really a help to me for many applications. Thank you.

  • Tony

    Really appreciative of the demo but it may be more helpful if it were done in MySqli instead of deprecated MySQL.

  • Garth

    What about a record detail page and CRUD? I’d like to see how to push data back to MySQL…

  • DFB trikot WM 2014

    Good day! I simply wish to offer you a huge thumbs up for your excellent info you have got here on this post. I am returning to your blog for more soon.|

  • Sandeep Verma

    ng-model vs. data-ng-model, what is the difference?

    • Normally HTML5 validators likely to throw an error on a property like ng-model. Where as there won’t in data-ng-model

    • GIta Samu

      same data-ng-model vice versa ng-model
      data-ng-model to pass validate css3

  • bizzr3

    hummm it seams good , well done Indian 😉

  • bizzr3

    @Swadesh, pagination not work for me

  • sac longchamp pas cher

    So good post,we have learned more on it.Thanks!

  • alfiyan

    I have a problem, the data does not appear in the table. but equal to the number of records in the database –> Filtered 19 of 19 total customers

    how to fix it??

    *sorry for my bad english

    • @Alfiyan,
      Can you let me know about the error message at your browser console.

    • alfiyan

      fix 🙂

      • Fuyumi

        got the same problem, how to fix that??

  • alfiyan

    typo in my sql when call query.

    thanks before 🙂

  • James

    Hi, great tutorial, but i’m having trouble getting it to work with firefox. Can you help?

  • Okwu Precious

    You are a saviour

  • Adeosun Olaniyi

    what a fantastic code!! am impressed with the simplicity and elegance. keep it up

  • Louboutin Prix

    When legal research tools are viewed in a browser, it means they can exist in a platform where the entireweb is available. Your research can flow as easily from source to source in a mobile web browser asit does on your desktop.

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  • Markus

    nice tutorial. But there is one problem with the sorting: If you sort by the column “Credit Limit” then one can see that angular interprets the values as text, not as numbers.

    So the credit limit 107800 is less then 11000. I’ve the same problem with my data. Do you know how to solve this problem?

  • john

    if u want to give code , code it properly and give…all works fine and at end i can see large number of pages at bottom…Poor code..Improve it and upload again…

  • Greencubes

    hi thanks for given reply but you can update your code properly because the problem is when i using your search filter i have many data and when i fetch using it the page is all of show the problem is this
    you can try some pages show first and some pages last middle pages hide like i have 50 pages. show this First1 2 3 4 5 6……47 48 49 Last Make this Type Thanks Brother!!!!

    • Renish Khunt

      Hiiii Greencubes you find any answer please help i face this problem i can’t found any help thank you.

      • Mihai Traila
  • Deepa D

    I am in need of autocomplete using directive for each field in ngtable.
    ex for $scope.users = [
    {name: “Moroni”, age: 50},
    {name: “Tiancum”, age: 43},
    {name: “Jacob”, age: 27},
    {name: “Nephi”, age: 29},
    {name: “Enos”, age: 34}
    ];Plz help me with this.

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  • Suresh Reddy

    Nice Tutorials
    its very helpfull

  • sinisterbirds

    Thank you for this tutorial.I am hoping you can help me out… is there a particular reason for the Angular js mysql tables to be in latin1? I have a lot of foreign characters in my database, and they seem to be displaying just fine even within the index.html as text or php echo – but they appear as null in the tables. Firebug doesn’t seem to be showing anything except ‘null’. I tried a couple of different angular scripts and keep encountering the same problem – these fields simply turn null. I’ve tried everything I could think of on the server side (using latin1 and utf-8 databases/tables, setting utf-8 in php configurations, adding utf-8 to $ but still not getting anywhere. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

  • Paul

    Hey, Great tutorials. Thanks very much.

    How would you look at upgrading this to deal with large amounts of data? In this tutorial you got all the data that the app will ever use in one go, what if there was too much for that?

  • Iim ND

    I have a problem sir. i was download your code but when i try run it on my localhost data doesnt appear on the table. how to fix that?

    • itswadesh

      What does it say on your console?

    • anon

      have you installed phpmyadmin and imported the database ?

  • iim nur

    I have download your code sir but My data doesnt appear. please help me…..

    • Pierre

      I have the same problem overhere – with no console errors

      • tigere rangwani

        run the query to populate your data. Copy the script in Customers.txt file and run it in you phpmyadmin.

        • Brian

          Where do you get the Customers.txt file? It wasn’t in the download. Also how do you run the script in phpmyadmin? the SQL button?

    • Sergio Eurico

      Dont show the Data… ( pict bellow )
      Can you please help us?
      thank you!

      • brian

        I’m having the same problem… no solutions yet?

        • Lakshit Anand

          See if you have CORS or any other error of that sort. Also try visiting the link of your api

    • Brian

      I was getting the same error for a while. I fixed it by adding:

      ng-app=”myApp” ng-controller=”customersCrtl”

      inside the body tag before my table: (e.x.)

      Also make sure your scripts are linked in the right order as that was also an issue for me. It should be:


  • Art Tee

    Thanks very much for tutorial. Can you help me with one thing? How i can highlight results in datagrid? Thank you.

    • itswadesh

      In the next tutorial i will include your requirement. Mean while you may try to include bootstrap classes like

  • Sergio Eurico

    picture attached

  • Santiago Vera

    great site, i was looking for something about angular and mysql, i m starting with angular. but i am having trouble to download some demos, the download pages don’t work. (firefox,chrome,safari)

  • Halim

    Great Tutorial. How to make the pagination page to auto navigate every 5 second? I want to display scheduling information in LCD TV. Thanks.

  • rahjiggah

    dude, works great! awewsome example, thanx.

  • Lasse Larsen

    Create a service, and remove 90% code from the controller.

  • ranjith reddy

    how to restrict the pagination buttons in a page

    • Mihai Traila

      Use max-size = “10” :

      • Ajay Kumar

        Thanks Mihai… I was having the same issue but thanks i got the solution through you. 🙂

        • Mihai Traila

          You are welcome. Glad to help!

      • saish

        thans for dis fix. . its a great tutorial. .

        • Mihai Traila

          You are welcome. Glad to help!

  • ranjith reddy

    how to restrict maxsize of pagination buttons i was tried with max-size=”maxSize” but it is not accepted

  • Sheeraz Kaleem

    How to handle the large page? like if we have 50 pages of all records this i want to show with dots(…)
    First 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ….. 50 Last

    • Mihai Traila

      Use max-size = “10” :

  • Sven

    Very useful example, thanks!

    It should be noted though that for the pagination, as from version 0.11 of angular-bootstrap, you can now use the following notation:

  • john

    thanks, it was realy usefull and time saving 🙂

  • fbartolom

    Funnily the solution works seamlessly when ported to our server on Chrome, but IE seems not to execute the ajax scripts. Even more strange is the fact IE works without problems when connecting to your demo. Is there some specific installation to do on the server or what else?

    • KMTayan

      I fixed this by inserting this codein the head of the index.html:

      It only breaks in IE 11 though. Hope this helps.

  • fbartolom

    Moreover, I would like to use the code in a bigger web page with a form to be populated by selecting one of the row in the grid. The problem is that, if I set the grid in an iframe, then the input fields do not get out of the iframe to be collected by the enclosing page, if I include the solution with php, nothing seems to work, like the jquery script did not reach the objects to customize. Anyone with a solution?

    • fbartolom

      I fixed this issue by posting on the parent using target=’_parent’ in the form on the frame hosting the angular solution.

  • Richard

    This is a great tutorial. One enhancement would make it even better: The ability to try it remotely with your php: I tried porting it back into visual studio, & found it returned a no ‘access-control-allow-origin’ header message, which I believe is controlled by the server. Or is there an Angular setting to address this?

  • tigere rangwani

    This is a good starting point. Thank you for the tut. One major improvement you could make is data export in .csv, excel or even pdf. Exporting data is a major requirement for customers.

  • Sathish Kumar

    Why “ui.bootstrap” is used in module declaration. Is it necessary?

  • ottawapumpkin

    I had some problems after downloading the code. The data does seem to come through, please see the pics, can you help?

    • ottawapumpkin

      pics attached

      • Binoy Anto

        any luck on this.

    • Lakshit Anand

      are you trying to run the code on a server (loal like Xamp or online)?
      Try doing that.

  • khubeb siddiqui

    li, a{cursor: pointer;}

    var app = angular.module(‘myApp’, [‘ui.bootstrap’]);

    app.filter(‘startFrom’, function() {

    return function(input, start) {

    if(input) {

    start = +start; //parse to int

    return input.slice(start);


    return [];



    app.controller(‘customersCrtl’, function ($scope, $timeout) {

    $scope.list = [{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test17″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj00000009uf8EAA”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test19″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj00000009ug1EAA”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test21″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj00000009ukJEAQ”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test16″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj00000009uWiEAI”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test24″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj00000009y1VEAQ”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test28″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj00000009y6HEAQ”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test31″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj00000009y6bEAA”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test32″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj00000009y6vEAA”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test32″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj00000009y6qEAA”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test25″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj00000009y5nEAA”},{“Type”:”Civil”,”Status”:”Filed”,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”Matter Test2″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj0000000A9zKEAS”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”Matter Test1″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj0000000A9zFEAS”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test81″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj0000000AEHDEA4″},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test52″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj0000000AEH3EAO”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test81″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj0000000AEHIEA4″},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test51″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj0000000AEGyEAO”},{“Type”:null,”Status”:null,”PrimaryAccount”:null,”name”:”test80″,”MatterNumber”:null,”LastActivity”:null,”id”:”a0Lj0000000AEH8EAO”}];

    $scope.currentPage = 1; //current page

    $scope.entryLimit = 5; //max no of items to display in a page

    $scope.filteredItems = $scope.list.length; //Initially for no filter

    $scope.totalItems = $scope.list.length;

    $scope.setPage = function(pageNo) {

    $scope.currentPage = pageNo;


    $scope.filter = function() {

    $timeout(function() {

    $scope.filteredItems = $scope.filtered.length;

    }, 10);


    $scope.sort_by = function(predicate) {

    $scope.predicate = predicate;

    $scope.reverse = !$scope.reverse;























    No customers found


    hi sir, Pagination is showing me when i work with this code please help me on this
    thanks in advance

  • Sandy Adriano

    I have problems with the pagination as it doesn’t show. here is my code.

    do you think using custome css affects them?

  • Isik

    When I try to use a table with UTF-8 encoding the values don’t appear right. I tryed to set UTF-8 encoding in couple of places but I think I need to specify that in http.get as well and I don’t know how. Could someone help?

    • Isik

      Could this be right? In my case it didn’t work. But if this is the right way of doing it then the problem is somewhere else maybe.

      app.controller(‘customersCrtl’, function ($scope, $http, $timeout) {
      $scope.list = data;
      $scope.currentPage = 1; //current page
      $scope.entryLimit = 10; //max no of items to display in a page
      $scope.filteredItems = $scope.list.length; //Initially for no filter
      $scope.totalItems = $scope.list.length;
      $scope.accept=charset = “charset=utf-8”;
      $scope.acceptCharset = “charset=utf-8”;

      • Flashy

        Add this line to config.php:

  • OscarDeveloper

    I found your tut searching for how to load really large data using angular and pagination, it means to get a part of records by query NOT ALL records at same time (important if you have +30000 items selected by query). Actually I’ve already got remote data using factories, something like:

    {‘Content-Type’:’application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8′}
    var requestData={
    {‘Content-Type’:’application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8′}

    it works fine but it’s slow because size of data, your code deals great with pagination but actually, in your own words: “Hence it becomes necessary to load data partially through paging or infinite scrolling” but your code DO NOT “load data partially”, if you add this code to your $http load success function:

    alert(‘Total rows: ‘+$scope.totalItems)

    then you’ll get: 122 rows, this is exactly all rows in your sample table, resource available here:

    Your tut don’t give me the answer to my question but this is a nice piece of code, so thanks!

    But I’m still trying to get data by chunks..

  • Oscar Perez

    Hi Swadesh, thanks for sharing your knowledge, this tutorial has been so helpful to me. I just have a limitation in my app: When I try with more than 3200 records it shows nothing, can you help me fix that?
    Thanks in advance

  • Tetoios

    Hi there, great example!
    I am getting a very strange error, seesm very generic and i cannot find a solution:
    Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: startFromFilterProvider <- startFromFilter

    Here's my repeat:
    ng-repeat="post in filtered = (blogs | filter:filterText | orderBy : created_at) | startFrom:(currentPage-1)*entryLimit | limitTo:entryLimit"

    Any ideas?

  • JC

    I’ve used your code using Postgresql but the data didn’t show me. The stranger thing is that in the page show me the exact number of customers that are on the table

  • K. Mulder

    Can i make a if/else statement with anchorjs? Credit Limit 

    Normally i do:

  • K. Mulder

    Is it possible to make a sort in decimal? I have a table with numbres. Its sorted now 1, 101, 12, 20, 200, 3. But I want 1, 3, 12, 20, 101, 200. Can somebody help?

  • Kees Mulder

    Who can i sort by numeric?

  • vitus

    hello can inform me what is the maximum number of row to sorting, because i try to sorting 5000 row and it extremely slow.

  • Era

    Works like a charm! I would just like to be able to adjust the sql-query based on user input, like checkbox or something, so when checked, the query would return records based on alternative sql-query, if selected. Can you advice on best approach for that? thanks.

  • Brian

    What part of the index.html code is even referencing to “getCustomers.php” to get it to connect in the first place?

  • aghogho bernard

    Very good. However, i am wondering how i can filter my table from a variable passed as a url parameter ?

  • Chandra Sihombing

    I have your code and love it much… for now on i’m using bootstrap Admin template as my default theme with pagination capability based on your code. the problem are the size of the table become over size of my theme. Please give me an advise how to align this table size. Many thank you

  • Chandra Sihombing

    here are the screenshoot

  • moldavite87

    Try checking config.php for those with empty data. $DB_HOST = ‘localhost’; works for me.

  • M Mendez

    How to sort by using multiple fields at same time in angular? fist by city and then by credit-limit for exemple

  • Miguel Guerreiro

    Should work with LIMIT on the MySQL query… or else allot of data have to be transferred from the server all in once.

  • justace

    The pagination doesn’t show? i try the whole codes and its work but the pagination doesn’t show.

    • Khushang

      I think you miss to load ui.bootstrap in module or check in firebug that is it loaded in browser?

  • Binoy Anto

    I’m new to bootstrap, angularjs. I have uploaded your code to my live site, but no data is not shown, I changed the DB Name, User, Password, imported the sql to my site. attached image. can you please help.

    • Bharat Bhushan

      Please make sure that, the html tag in the code must be like this

  • venkat

    nice work..!! working fine for one table, but i have to do it for multiple table. can u tell me where i can make changes to work with more than one table at a time. thanks..!

  • Jean Gomes

    Great article, thank you so much or thank’s a lot! (I am Brazilian)
    How can i implement it here in your example?

  • Saish

    Hello, This tutorial works perfectly fine, but in case of larger dataset, it takes time for the table to appear even after the page is reloaded. Obviously due to the ajax request that is sent. But can i have a spinner loading in the meanwhile the entire table is loaded after the page is refreshed.

    Any help will be appreciated

  • Margus Arm

    This is great, I am going to use this. I got it working already.
    Would you mind helping me doing this:
    I have one column with date info in there. What I would like to do is when I open the first page (index) it will show me only the records with today’s date filtered. I would prefer if I could still use the filters to see future and past records but default page should show only records with current day’s records.

    I would also like to eliminate the possibility to see future and past records for a different view, lets say index_minimal as they would only be used on screens without peripherals, so the option to see other records would become obsolete.

    • Margus Arm

      In addition to that, I am failing to set date format… at the time, i have it in YYYY-MM-DD format but would like to have for example…

  • Prat

    My data has special characters in them for example “Compañía Española de Petróleos” and some even have single or double quotes in them. In such case there is nothing displayed in the column but other columns of the record get displayed. Any advice on how this can be rectified?

    • Prat

      To simulate my error try and insert a new record in your table having customerName as “Compañía Española de’Petróleos” and see if the value is displayed in the result set.

      • Prat

        Well I found my answer. Just in case someone else is stuck with the same problem (or may encounter in future). Here is what I did in getCustomers.php

        $rows[] = $row;

        $rows[] = array_map(‘utf8_encode’, $row);

        • Os

          oh thanks!

  • rhoni

    i have a probleme: i have a DB table of names and other information if one date have diacritics in my DB table i have no resulte .

    if not evreting ok

  • pra deep

    very beautiful code verry helpfull for meeeeeee

  • Himanshu

    I have 200 pages in my pagination so I want to show … in between the pagination… How can we do this.?

  • Debasish Pothal

    Good Example, But it seems like the code is loading all the data from server first then the sorting, filtering and paging is done in client side. How can we do that in server side. I mean to say that how to handle large data ( e.g. a table having 5lakhs records )

  • jersonjunior

    I would like to insert a datepicker with start date and end date , but could not implement in your code.

    • Os

      Hello jersonjunior, have you managed to solve your problem? Maybe I can help, since I am also using this same Frame Work. I managed to adapt Datepicker, but with a problem of incompatibility with the .css who still have not resolved.

  • Aamir Wahid

    To all whose whose data does not appear the reason is that you have executed the index.html file before creating the database. you need to first remove all the files associated with this from the server, then first create and import the database, then put the fresh copy of the files back on the server and then execute the index.html file

  • kiran raj

    there are no files in zip

  • kiran raj

    how can i download the link?
    emptyyy file after downloadingg

  • Nickolay Novikov

    bracket should be closed after ‘entryLimit’. In other case filteredItems equal to entryLimit

  • Shantonu Acharjee

    It’s working….Atfirst download source code then create database…It’s given inside Zip file…If u want to make your won database then only edit three parts (index.html,getCustomers.php and cofig.php)…

  • JM Checa

    Hi I have try this one. with my newly created System. This Program is good. But i have question, Is this program Has a limitation in filtering data? because what i have notice when data is over 8000+ it only display blank. Can anyone can help me in this matter? Looking forward for your immediate response. Thank you so much. 🙂

    • JM Checa

      ohhh I’m sorry, I’ve find out it is not the data who make the page blank. it is the limit of the character of every column, so here’s my question how to make character length makes bigger. I think if data is more than 20 Character program will not display the data on the SQL. Please Help were to find the restriction of character. Thank you

  • Treadster


    I have gotten this implented, However several of my columns are integers, but the sort function treats them as test so when i sort i get


    when it should be



    Any ideas where i can correct this? I am a newbie to this, but i have been poking around try to figure it out

  • NightFury

    Thanks a lot for the Code.

  • NightFury

    The code is really helpful for my project but I am facing a serious problem with this code. The table doesn’t seemed to be made for large database like the one I require, can you please help me figure out the problem with this code viewing large database. The attachment follows:

  • NightFury

    Thanks for the code .. Excellent. It helped me a lot.

  • Muhammed Parveez Khushaali

    Awesome Code… its working good…

    but i am not able to display 2 different tables in one php page…. i am getting correct output in first table but in second table i am getting error…

    Please Help me..

    • Os

      Hello Muhammed, have you managed to solve your problem? Maybe I can help, since I am also using this same Frame Work.

      • Kristina

        How did you fixed this problem ?

  • MauriceW

    I have over 5K records and the grid won’t show any of them. When I only load a couple of hundred records in the MySQL table, it does work. How can I make sure this also works with many thousands of records?

    • MauriceW

      It’s been solved. It was a server side issue….

  • MauriceW

    How can I do some simple calculations and show the results on top of the page where the table is displayed?

    For example: I want to count the total unique records for the field ‘Country’, when the value is ‘Netherlands’. Above the table I want to show “x customers from country the Netherlands”.

    Can someone please give me an example of where to insert/edit this?

  • Agnan Zakariya Soewardi

    Thanks, great source code to learn fast and implemented, by the way to resolve an issue if you can’t showing data in the table, just reconfigure DB connection in config.php, I use my own privileges. Please see attachment, this issue must be solved.

    • Kristina

      Hi ) Hod did you fixed it ? can you help me with it ?

  • Joy

    Hello, Nice Tutorials. I managed to load data. I have one question: When click on any page i didn’t see the page number on url this will help me if have a link to another page and when click back to view the table with the page selected. Any help

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  • borrom

    Great, Could you make a tutorial to delete multiple items with angular and slim framework.

  • Sunil Kumar

    i am also having the same issue please help me not showing the data

  • Saneep Sharma

    It’s Awesome data filtration and pagination..! Thanks

  • Jonathan Quiñonez

    Because when a text filter that does not exist:
    Eg. HelloWorldNotFound
    When clean the text field no longer displays the records.

  • Rob

    I don’t seem to be getting any data at all. Anyone able to help me with this? Love the tutorial and would love to use this to start with Angular 🙂

  • Raaj Lokanathan

    i cant download the zip file also..

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  • Marco Mallorquín

    Thank you very much.. It save me a lot for my final project

  • andy

    i’m using in the start-page with routeProvider
    $routeProvider.when(‘/’, {
    title: ‘Products’,
    templateUrl: ‘partials/products.html’,
    controller: ‘productsCtrl’});

    the Controller-Code is in productsCtrl.js. I retrieve data, and data-volume is changeable.
    BUT pagination is not shown, also when {{filteredItems}}{{entryLimit}}{{currentPage}} are used correct.
    setPage, filter, sort_by is never called.

    I think that its a matter of the partials i’m using. Any suggestion for the reason?

  • Billy Joseph Piezas

    Thank You So Much for Your Help.

    I Got it and Have able to Use and Play with it. . Can’t thank you enough. .

  • Clark

    How do I make a cell display a link?
    Like for example a cell from City column: instead of just displaying New York, I would like it to be clickable link.

    I usually do this with something like this: href=”’.$row[‘City’].’ ”

    Or something like that. But I don’t know where to do the modifications.

    • Clark

      Nevermind, I have solve the problem. Thanks for this great code. Working great.

  • Strik3r009

    I would like to sort by credit limit but sort lowest number to highest, actually would prefer all sorts to be Alpha Num. And they are not.

  • Strik3r009

    The fields with numbers are not displayed high to low or low to high, they seem ordered by the first number only. How can I fix this?

    • Strik3r009

      oh wow I changed
      $json_response = json_encode($arr);

      $json_response = json_encode($arr,JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK);
      worked like a charm.

  • Lesley Dewit

    Hi there,

    For me this software works great.

    I was just wondering. I have a database table connected with 6000 recors.
    This contains a few integer(Category 2,3,4, subcategory 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) Each category has about 2000 records.
    Is there a way to add more search fields?
    Like a Selectbox for the integer parts? and use the search filter for other fields?

  • zeitfuerwahrheit

    Is this a fast solution for a database with 1.000.000 entries or more?