Voting system similar to stackoverflow using AngularJS PHP and MySQL

We will try to create a simple voting system app similar to using AngularJS, PHP and MySQL. I will put the code to download as well as a demonstration of the end product as we approach the finishing point of the AngularJS Web App. This app will accept vote from users and store it into MySQL database using PHP.

Voting system using angularjs php mysql

  Live Demo   Download


A simple AngularJS web app that converts text to url format

We are going to create a very simple yet powerful web app using AngularJS from Google. Our app will take any input and will convert it into URL format instantly. We will be creating a filter named “clean” . We can use this filter anywhere in our application like following piece of code


<input type="text" ng-model="inputString"/>
<p>{{inputString | clean}}</p>


How to create a facebook style autocomplete using AngularJS

This tutorial explains how to show autocomplete results for a textbox input using AngularJS, PHP and MySQL with the help of Angular UI directive.

facebook type autocomplete using php mysql angularjs


Simple task manager application using AngularJS PHP MySQL

This tutorial explains how to create a simple Task Manager application using AngularJS. Here I used PHP for server side communication and MySQL for database.

Task Manager using AngularJS php mysql


Connecting PHP to Oracle Database 10g

PHP is very well compatible with MySQL. But I found connecting PHP to Oracle is a pain. In my current job, my employer uses Oracle Version 10g. It uses an oracle server and an oracle client 10g software to connect to the server. I tried several ways to connect to the oracle database server using PHP.