Simple project demonstrates how to send email using Nodejs

Aug 6, 2019
2 min read
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Sometimes we may need an email form or contact form for our website

Scenario-1: We wish our users to be able to communicate to the admin, author, managers of our website.

Scenario-2: We wish to send emails to our users regarding

  • Signup success
  • Forgot password
  • Reset password success
  • Invalid activity


Download and extract the zip file Open command prompt and browse to the extracted folder write the command node . Open Chrome browser and point to http://localhost:8080/


We will be creating a simple AngularJS web application which will send an email to the website administrator when any users wish to contact regarding any issue. We are going to implement the above functionality in just 3 steps

Craft the user interface (front end client side) Configure the email client (Sendgrid) Create the server and make the server talk to Sendgrid and AngularJS frontend (Using NodeJS)


Let’s build the user interface using google’s material design and our friend AngularJS

Let’s use the material design CSS library provided by


To send email we will use some node libraries


For this we need to create a sendgrid account and generate a api key and use in index.js

Project Structure

client – style css – app.js – index.html

  • index.js
  • package.json

index.js (NodeJS)



app.js (AngularJS)