Steps configuring PHP Cron Jobs - Godaddy

Jun 6, 2019
2 min read
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Setting up Cron Jobs at Godaddy is a bit tricky

As per Godaddy documentation, the Godaddy hosting does not support the Cron Jobs for PHP v5.4

You need to use the following path settings for different versions of PHP

Hosting typePHP versionPath
Web & Classic5.3/web/cgi-bin/php5_3
Web & Classic5.0-5.2/web/cgi-bin/php5
Web & Classic4/web/cgi-bin/php

Hence we need to choose a PHP version from the available (5.3 and 5.5)

Example (for PHP v 5.5)

/usr/bin/php '$HOME/public_html/test/mail/index.php'